The Brand
Brand History
Admiral began in 1914 as a World War I military clothing factory. The company’s main focus was producing uniforms for the British Royal Navy. Embracing their sailor roots, the company adopted its logo from the cuff mark of a British Admiral. After the war Admiral looked toward sports, taking its knowledge of Navy uniform design and production and incorporating it into rugby, football, tennis, and cricket clothing.

It wasn’t long before the newly designated sportswear brand became enormously popular in Britain. Admiral gained international popularity in the 1970s and 1980s when the brand supported the England football team.

Admiral were pioneers of a new concept producing bespoke soccer stripes for major football clubs, coupling innovative design and fabrics with the use of the Club’s official crest or badge. This innovation was driven forward by Admiral and other manufacturers leading to availability at retail of design-led soccerwear and replica kits as a new sector was created within the sportswear market.

Admiral sticks to its roots, providing excellent quality and innovative products.

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